Tutong Cottage Industry Tour

Grab the opportunity to have a one of a kind, first-hand experience in the harvesting and production process of the cottage industry in this Tutong Cottage Industry Tour! Organised by the local village communities, the tour aims to showcase quality products made by the villagers, using both traditional and modern methods. Visitors can also buy these products from the factory during the tour.

Day Trip Itinerary


8.30 AM

  • Depart from hotel
  • 2 Cottage Industries Tour at of your choices
  • Photo stop at Tutong landmarks
  • Visit One Village One Product Gallery at Tutong District Office

12.00 PM

Back to hotel

Essential Information
  • From BND 35 / pax for 3 hours, minimum 2 pax.

Terms and conditions apply.

Book your tour

Contact Tutong District Tourism Promotion and Coordination Body via:


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