Sports & Fitness

When leaving for Brunei, don’t leave your duffel bags or sweat socks at home. Bring them over and fulfill your need to stay in shape, even when you’re on a holiday here.

Playing host to a wide array of dedicated gyms and fitness hubs, you’ll never be left stranded without an option to stay fit in Brunei.

Bandarku Ceria

Bandarku Ceria literally means “My Cheerful City”, and it’s a city-wide programme that’s carried out every Sunday morning in Bandar Seri Begawan to promote an active lifestyle for the whole nation. People will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of a city united in harmony, while others take to the streets on foot or on bicycles, without needing to worry about traffic as major roads into the city will be closed off.

If you’re an early bird yourself, come along for a stroll, rent a bike or simply chat with friendly passersby as you roam the heart of a serene capital on a peaceful Sunday morning.

Taman Mahkota Jubli Emas

Formerly known as ‘Eco-Corridor Park’, Taman Mahkota Jubli Emas (or Golden Jubilee Crown Park) is a 30-acre riverfront park situated next to the gleaming Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, featuring a 6-metre wide promenade for pedestrians and cyclists that stretches along the Kedayan River, and a beautiful garden – complete with manicured lawns, bright tulips and baobab trees – for recreational activities.

Perfect for walks and jogs throughout the day and night, with a quaint scenery to boot, the park is definitely a favourite hangout spot and fitness destination for locals. In addition, the park also features a grand pedestrian bridge which serves as an important communal point that connects the capital to the suburbs of Batu Satu.

Kingdom Rides + Adventures

The cycling sensation has taken people around the world by storm, and Bruneians are no stranger to it too. Meet the team behind Kingdom Rides + Adventures – a committee of thrill-seekers that know Brunei’s biking trails in and out, including the best locations for mountain biking. Offering tour and training packages that accommodate riders of varying levels and interests, there’s bound to be an unforgettable ride for everyone.

To reword –Visit here to learn more about Kingdom Rides + Adventures.

Paintball Arena @ Jerudong

Looking for some team-on-team action and high-intensity shootouts? You just might find your adrenaline rush and thirst for combat at Paintball Arena @ Jerudong (PAJ). Managed by Royal Brunei Technical Services, challenge both your mental and physical finesse, and your tactical and leadership skills by fighting alongside both new and veteran players, as you work together towards a glorious, paint-splattering victory.

To reword –Learn more about their battlefields and facilities here!

The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Critically acclaimed across Asia for its world-class amenities and services, the Empire Hotel & Country Club is a high-profile venue that requires little introduction. Besides their reputable luxuries as a resort, the Country Club also offers a huge selection of recreational facilities – from clay-surfaced tennis courts, squash and badminton courts of international standards to bowling lanes with AMF technology and a state-of-the-art gym – including a highly revered Championship Golf Course designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Visit here to start planning your ultimate getaway!

Royal Brunei Golf & Country Club

Considered the “Augusta National of Asia”, the Royal Brunei Golf & Country Club certainly lives up to its reputation of housing one of the best manicured layouts across Asia. Designed by Ronald Fream as an exclusive golfing retreat for His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei and His guests, the golf course was carved through an area of woodlands and features golf holes characterised by tight, tree-lined playing corridors that lead to relatively small green sites – putting a premium on short game skills.

The Royal Brunei Golf Club can be reached at +673 234 3724 and can be found here on Google Maps.

RBA Golf Club

The first and possibly most well-known 18-hole public golf course to be built in Brunei, the Royal Brunei Airlines golf club is located just less than just a three-minute drive away from Brunei International Airport. Designed by Max Wexler, the course is generally characterised by flat, open terrain with vast artificial lakes spread out over the course – adding just enough hazards to spice up your game.

Pick a time for tee-off with them here.

Fitness Zone

Built in a corner in Kiulap, across from where Jame Asr’ Mosque is, Fitness Zone is arguably the premier stop for all things fitness in Brunei. Owned by famous Bruneian actor, singer and entrepreneur, Wu Chun – the illustrious gym and fitness hub features state-of-the-art facilities, including a Functional Strength / CrossFit training room, certified Les Mis spinning classes, a full basketball court and even a boxing ring.

Learn more about Fitness Zone and their services here.

Shine Cycle

Located in the industrial corner of Beribi, at Sumbangsih Bahagia is Shine Cycle – a premier spinning and fitness studio – that requires little to no introduction among Bruneians. Well-renowned for their dynamic instruction, immersive illumination and excellent choice of music, this studio will give you every reason you need to shine, even on the back of an exhausting day. Strength and yoga classes are also available here.

Book a class with them today or contact them via Instagram.

Hybrid Movement

Just a little outside the busy streets of Gadong, over in One Menglait Industrial Park is the foundation of a well-established Functional Strength gym – Hybrid Movement. Helping people push their physical limits everyday, the gym offers a series of classes that caters to all levels of fitness, including a “Lite” class where newcomers or casual gym-goers are welcome to come in and join the fun.

Hybrid Movement can be reached via Instagram.


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