Sports & Fitness

When leaving for Brunei, don’t leave your duffel bags or sweat socks at home. Bring them over and fulfill your need to stay in shape, even when you’re on a holiday here.

Playing host to a wide array of dedicated gyms and fitness hubs, you’ll never be left stranded without an option to stay fit in Brunei.

Ar-Rafi Archery

Perhaps something more casual and less extreme might be more down your alley. Drop by Ar-Rafi Archery in Jangsak Kilanas, and you will find an indoor academic centre for aspiring archers and a community of sharpshooters. Welcoming bowmen of all skill levels, expect to find a home where you can nurture your dream of hitting a bull’s eye into reality, alongside passionate members that will support you all the way.

Shoot over a message to them via Facebook or Instagram to learn more!

Victorious Performance

For a wide variety of classes including Functional, Strength and Conditioning workouts, Victorious Performance has got you covered with a well-built fitness centre in the Lambak vicinity. Featuring experienced freelance trainers and instructors from all over Brunei and a community that’s truly committed to living healthy, you are bound to find victory within reach here in no time.

Follow Victorious Performance on Instagram to learn more about their services.

Kingdom Rides + Adventures

The cycling sensation has taken people around the world by storm, and Bruneians are no stranger to it too. Meet the team behind Kingdom Rides + Adventures – a committee of thrill-seekers that know Brunei’s biking trails in and out, including the best locations for mountain biking. Offering tour and training packages that accommodate riders of varying levels and interests, there’s bound to be an unforgettable ride for everyone.

Visit here to learn more about their packages and get to know their community on Facebook and Instagram!

Paintball Arena @ Jerudong

Looking for some team-on-team action and high-intensity shootouts? You just might find your adrenaline rush and thirst for combat at Paintball Arena @ Jerudong (PAJ). Managed by Royal Brunei Technical Services, challenge both your mental and physical finesse, and your tactical and leadership skills by fighting alongside both new and veteran players, as you work together towards a glorious, paint-splattering victory.

Learn more about the battlefield and their facilities here, and get in touch with the brigade on Facebook and Instagram!

Reebok Crossfit 673

A CrossFit gym with a big heart, Reebok CrossFit 673 exclusively runs CrossFit classes and also a barbell club specialized in two main Olympic weightlifting movements: the snatch; and the clean and jerk.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Studio Eleve

Meet the cast of Studio Elevé – teachers, trainers and instructors brought together by their love for fitness to help others achieve their dreams and revel in the joy of moving your body. Friendly to people across all ages. Classes include Zumba, Ballet Fitness and the LesMills Body courses.

Reach out to them via Facebook or Instagram today!

Bounce & Cycle

Conveniently located in the ever-buzzing Setia Kenangan Complex in Kiulap, Bounce & Cycle delivers a set of spinning classes that vary in intensity depending on each instructor’s personality. A unique station for indoor cyclers, indeed – the establishment also offers some of the best hair and spa treatments for men, oddly enough.

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