As the world’s oldest reigning monarchy, Brunei is home to centuries of royal heritage, with the current Sultan’s family line dating back over 600 years. Walk through time and discover relics from an ancient shipwreck, take a stroll around the surroundings of a royal tomb, and experience history all over again through numerous exhibits and displays.

Royal Regalia Museum

This museum houses the Sultan’s full royal regalia, as well as exhibits commemorating the Silver and Golden Jubilee celebrations of the present monarch’s reign. Visitors are greeted with the very same golden chariot used to bring the Sultan through the city streets during the Silver Jubilee celebration in 1992.

Brunei History Centre

Dedicated to the research, collection, publication and exhibition of Brunei’s history, the centre offers a fascinating look into the nation’s past, including elaborate displays of antique cannons and intricate daggers. There’s also a gallery showcasing treasures unearthed from shipwrecks off Brunei’s coast!

Belait District Museum

The Belait District Museum, the only one outside of the Brunei-Muara District was once the residence of a Deputy British Resident. Built in the 1930s, it still has nearly all of its original structures, which is a combination of Malay and colonial architecture elements. The museum displays the history, ethnicity, and even wildlife found in the district.

Sultan Bolkiah Mausoleum

Sultan Bolkiah was widely regarded as the monarch whose reign brought upon Brunei’s ‘Golden Age’ of power and influence, as much of Borneo, the Southern Philippines and Manila were under his rule. The site of the memorial is also scenic, overlooking the Brunei River and surrounded by green nature.

Sultan Sharif Ali Mausoleum

Not too far from the Sultan Bolkiah Mausoleum is the resting place of Brunei’s third Sultan, Sultan Sharif Ali, who added the phrase ‘Darussalam’ to the country’s name. A sense of historical importance is palpable here, and for good reason: this area was the ancient capital of Brunei’s maritime empire.

The Royal Mausoleum

Rounding off the list of royal tombs is the Royal Mausoleum, where the last four Sultans were laid to rest at this memorial. The current monarch would visit the memorial to pay respect to his parents, along with members of the Royal family. Interestingly, it is also home to the ‘Batu Tarsilah’, a stone tablet that describes the genealogy of Brunei’s Sultans.

Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum

In 1997, a shipwreck off the coast of Brunei was discovered and unearthed over 13,000 valuable artefacts, giving a peek into the nation’s maritime history and role as a leading trading power. The awe-inspiring skeleton of the vessel can be found in the Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum, along with an exhibit on the history of the country’s ancient capital.


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