Depending on what you might want for a Saturday night dinner, Brunei boasts a fine selection of restaurants offering the most diverse cuisines, ranging from traditional Malay to Chinese and Japanese food.

Might want to book a table in advance during the weekends. These places tend to get real full, real fast.

Aminah Arif

A top destination for all your must-try Bruneian favourites, best renowned for their exceptional ambuyat dishes.

Visit here for contact details and a comprehensive menu.

Pondok Sari Wangi

Brunei’s most established Indonesian restaurant, serving a wide array of authentic dishes originating from Java, Padang and Sulawesi.

More details can be found on their Facebook.

Thiam Hock (Non-Halal)

One of Brunei’s long-standing Chinese restaurants, famous for its curry fish head dish, butter prawns and a rich variety of classic Chinese dishes. Thiam Hock is strictly non-halal and can be found situated by the river in the midst of Gadong.

Call +673 244 1679 for reservation enquiries.


Brunei’s premier destination for delectable Korean cuisines; everything from bibimbap (a type of mixed rice dish) to BBQ.

Reach them at +673 222 2233 or 712 2283 for reservation enquiries.

Kaizen Sushi (Waterfront)

For a panoramic view of the Brunei River coupled with the country’s best sushi platters, Kaizen Sushi’s widely acclaimed Waterfront chain promises a divine dining experience that’s sure to take you beyond the horizon.

Call +673 222 6336 to make your reservations today.

Horizons Seafood Restaurant

One of the finest restaurants in the capital, Horizons Seafood Restaurant is best known for their grand selection of succulent seafood dishes spanning across Asian and Western cuisines; and offering guests a breathtaking view of Kampong Ayer (the city’s historic water village) by day, and a beautiful riverside filled with reflections from the city’s skyline by night.

Call +673 223 3400 to book your table in advance.

Le Keris

An up-and-coming restaurant that offers a unique take on Malay cuisine with a European twist. Can you imagine Rendang Lasagna? Because they definitely can.

Call +673 223 0149 to reserve a table today.


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