Over the past decade, Bruneians have taken an interest in the coffee culture and the art of brewing sophisticated cup profiles.
The café scene may be relatively new here, but you’re bound to discover a few bona fide sips that stay true to the bean in your travels here.

Rack & Brew

Located right in the heart of Gadong, you can find this niche little café upstairs, next to McDonalds fast food restaurant. One of a new generation of cafés, Rack & Brew combines international cuisine with great coffee. Popular for their early morning caffeine hits and epic breakfasts, visitors here also come back regularly for their soft-shell crab florentine and salmon avo smash.

Roasted Sip

Arguably Brunei’s best destination for fine coffee roasts. Roasted Sip employs an impressive ensemble of globally sourced beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia, as well as several brewing methods, including the V60 drip technique. Deemed a mini-temple to the bean by some, the roastery draws Bruneians in from the capital all the way to Jerudong – making it a must-try for coffee lovers!

Caffe Verve

A beautiful amalgamation of industrial expression in the presence of cool metallic chairs and modern style light fittings, coupled with the earthy tones of deep brown wooden tables and ceiling fixtures – Caffe Verve denotes a smell of great food and coffee as you savour the atmosphere of this lovely café. Best known for their aromatic coffee blends and hearty Italian dishes, it would be a crime if you did not linger a little in this space.

Alter Ego

Aesthetically pleasing with a menu of mouth-watering delights to boot, Alter Ego is a delight for the tastebuds! With Asian Fusion dishes and the likes of Kimchi Bulgogi Burritos and Mandarin Chocolate Cakes, one can explore an array of fine and unique tastes that come with modern dining.

Beanery & Co.

If you have time for a drive down to our dear oil-pumping district of Kuala Belait, we suggest you stop by for delectable slice of cake and some tea and coffee at Beanery & Co. If the great selection of hot food and desserts on the menu doesn’t pull you in, it’s cozy cottage-style decor will do the trick! Sit back and relax in this picturesque eatery.

Gaming Cafés

Nerdee Café

A lab-themed board game café that serves a crazy concoction of drinks with a light tapas menu and a whole lot of board games for all ages. It is a place where raising your voice is encouraged. Embrace the excuse to put away your phones and connect with the people around the table.

Games & Lattes

A telling name for a café/board game eatery, Games & Lattes is dripping with an air of nostalgic past times and loud shrieks of laughter. And don’t worry if you’re a newbie to board games, the friendly staff members are always ready to coach you through a game. With a variety of tasty treats on the menu, fill your stomachs and your gaming quota at Games & Lattes!

Vintage Cafés

With a decades-long history and infused with a timeless sentimentality, these cafés, known simply as ‘Kopitiam’ are the perfect touch of nostalgia along with your order of classic breakfast fare.

Chop Jing Chew

There aren’t many places to get freshly baked buns and a filling cup of ‘Teh Tarik’ (pulled milk tea) at six in the morning, but Chop Jing Chew has been perfecting the art of a simple, but perfect breakfast, since it first opened its doors in 1946. Indulge in the ‘Roti Kuning’, a soft, buttery bread made with a recipe handed down through the generations.

Mei Fang

If you happen to be heading to Tutong District, don’t miss out on this eatery, which offers a scenic view of the Tutong River, and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for enjoying your meal. Mei Fang is famous for their ‘Pulut Panggang’, and this affordable dish at only 60 cents a roll is so well-loved that it sometimes sells out at 8.30am!

KK Koya

No road trip down to Belait District is complete without a stopover for lunch at KK Koya, nestled between Pekan Tutong and Seria. While it has several other branches in Brunei-Muara District and Belait District, the original branch in Tutong District is one that shouldn’t be missed. Try their best-selling ‘Rojak’, a mixture of yam, sliced vegetables and deep-fried edibles, topped with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Universal Café

Visiting Belait District? Head over to Universal Café, where you’ll be transported to simpler times, with a plate of hot-stone toasted bread and a quintessential cup of coffee, and time seems to pass by slowly. If you’re planning to make a stop, make sure to order their iconic French toast with cheese, along with a side of perfectly done half-boiled eggs!

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