Things to Do

Take a stroll along the virgin forests of Temburong or settle down for a delectable platter of our exotic treats. There’s tons to do and discover when you’re in Brunei.


Home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world and a rich kingdom of unique animals, you’ll find more hidden gems here than you expect.


Discover the familiar side of things. There’s more to Brunei than mangrove cruises and exciting flavours. Be part of an ever-changing variety of events centered around sports and creative arts every year!


Discover a burst of flavors you’d least expect. Pack your appetites and be prepared to be blown away by the lush assortment of dishes we offer. A must-visit for foodies everywhere!


With over three quarters of the land area covered by mostly pristine rainforests, abundant tropical flora and fauna, including many species endemic to Borneo, a number of easily accessible nature parks and light tourist crowds, Brunei is a perfect destination for nature lovers.

In addition, a rich and majestic ancient Royal heritage, impressive Islamic architecture and strong values, the traditions and culture of the Malay and Borneo peoples, and some of the best golfing, diving and business facilities in the region, all in a safe, peaceful, wholesome and family friendly destination, make a Brunei vacation an enriching tourism experience, different in many ways.