Take in the dark blue hues of Brunei’s largest black water lake that is a wildlife sanctuary to a number of tropical flora and fauna in the area.

Nestled in rural shrubs of Tutong and famous for its dark colour and rich wildlife, Tasek Merimbun is certainly a sight to behold. Some sources say the lake gets its colour from the waters of two rivers – Sungai Meluncur and Sungai Bang Oncom – as they flow through the forests and pour into the lake. Another explanation is based on a phenomenon caused by ‘tannin’ that comes from leaves falling into the water. Whatever the reason, Tasek Merimbun is deserving of its title as the ‘Black Beauty of Brunei’. Open to the public, this natural oasis boasts views of a watery landscape riddled with adorable lily pads that float atop it. The lake is surrounded by the Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park with a wooden bridge that crosses over the lake connecting both sides of the park. On these islands are traces of historic memorabilia that is evidence to Tasek Merimbun being one of the earliest sites of settlements in the Tutong area.

With pavilion facilities fashioned from logs, plan a delightful picnic by the lake with a scenic view. Chalet facilities are also available for researchers who come to study the wild inhabitants of the park.

Planning a visit to the lake?

*Open daily

Day Time
Sunday to Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-11.30am | 2.30pm-5pm
Saturday 9.45am-5pm


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